First Year at edLines

IMG_0147I launched this blog about a year ago as a way to stretch a muscle that’s been too long constricted by my corporate duties, and as way to have a little fun, entertain and sometimes be thought provoking.

It was also the start of a long-range project that I hope will grow over time with more content that might include videos, podcasts and other material.

What I’ve found out in the past year is that it’s very difficult to get folks to read full-length blog posts with a few exceptions. I was extremely gratified by the reaction to my post about the passing of Melissa Kitchens and how it is possible to have true relationship with someone you only knew through Facebook and to feel a real loss when you’ve lost them forever.

The post summing up the CNN 35th reunion did pretty well too.

There were a few others that managed to capture the attention of a few readers but most won a pretty paltry audience.  That’s pretty humbling and tells me I need to work a lot harder to convince folks they wouldn’t be wasting their time by reading a piece longer than a Facebook post or Tweet.

Suggestions are always welcome because everyone needs an editor and I consider every reader an editor.

I do have to say that just because I may toss a joke or a pun on Facebook I’m not a laugh-a-minute in my real life, so I’m sure I disappointed those who thought I would be “that guy.”

I also find that overtly political posts are a dangerous gambit since too many people have thin skins and can’t accept even mild jibing.

So I write what’s on my mind without trying to guess what’s on yours. I fully accept the fact that some posts will be more successful than others and some are duds. Hell..the best hitters in baseball are only successful about one-third of the time.

I’ll keep pecking away because that’s what writers do. Videos and podcasts may come but I promise you, if I ever start singing, I expect WordPress to void my account. I’d never do that to you.

Thanks a lot for reading and let me know if you find something you like. I find it great fun to shake my head in amazement.




  1. mrsbibulus

    Congrats, Ed! Always a well-turned phrase, a pun or a sharp insight into each…I like your personal stories best, with the interesting folks to you – less sports, but that’s me. Keep on keepin’ on. Martha



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