Welcome to EMG Editorial


newheadWelcome to EMG Editorial. This is my new “workplace,” as a freelance journalist and consultant. Right now I’m a contributor to Forbes.com and you can see all my work right here.   My Forbes.com work is posted to the site’s Transportation page and is almost exclusively tied to the automotive industry.

My other current gig is as Integrated Media Consultant at leading Detroit public relations firm, Franco PR.  I work with Franco’s terrific and talented team in looking for new and creative ways to present and promote stories for the agency’s many clients, making use of my long career in broadcast, print and online journalism as well as corporate communications.

I’m always open to new opportunities either in journalism (broadcast, print or online), or public relations whether project-based or part-time engagements.

I can always be reached on Linkedin, Twitter or by email at garsteneditorial@edlines.co  

My philosophy is, and has always been: “If you’re not pushing the envelope, you’re just mailing it in.” Let’s push the envelope together and create new successes.