2015 North American International Auto Show Days 1 and 1.5-Tiny Tomatoes to Topless Spiders

This year’s auto show was a blend of little tomatoes presented on pedestals, big vehicle introductions and dawn patrol scrums.


IMG_1972Being a major auto show, let’s tackle the tomatoes first. Here you see teeny tiny tomatoes perched on diminutive pedestals begging always grazing reporters to pluck them…and eat them. In what appeared to be the comestible version of Lilliput, the tomato-tots were joined by sandwiches small enough to be plucked, shucked and swallowed in one motion.

What miniature meal would be complete without a first course. Voila, spoon-sized salads so small one could only top it with Two-And-A-Half Island dressing.IMG_1969







As I moved on I found some journalists thoroughly involved…in themselves…socializing by being anti-social, but not alone.


One poor guy just gave up altogether, surrendering to the rigors of covering an expansive motor show by collapsing in one of the manufacturer’s stands—an import, of course.








Indeed, our company energized the crowd buzzed on free espresso and granola bars with the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. I mean, you can’t beat curvy..and topless.










The Ram Rebel didn’t cause any of the journos to yell, except those who might have missed their chance to snag more than one press kit. I can’t wait to blast Billy Idol and annoy those next to me at stop lights.rebel








IMG_1982When the big boss takes a walk on the floor a scrum immediately materializes even if it’s 7:15 in the morning. A reporter clutched his coffee while in the clutches of the group hug aimed at getting him to say what he said yesterday, only this time, to them.


We’ll do this all again in a few weeks in Chicago, the next stop on the domestic auto show circuit. New badges, new wristbands, new vehicles, new shrimp, new blisters. Can’t wait.

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