Checkout Charity

charityAre you getting sick of it yet? Almost every time I pay for something at a store the cashier asks me if I want to give a buck to put a kid through mime school, or 3 bucks to help cure schizophrenia among chameleons. Today I was asked to toss in 5 bucks on top of my $5.00 purchase to buy a backpack full of school supplies. When I politely decline I get a look like I just put a puppy in a blender. Now I’m not unsympathetic to all these causes, but it’s just too much. If I kicked in a few bucks every time I was asked, someone would have to eventually take up a collection for me. Which gave me an idea. The next time I step up to a checkout I’m gonna beat ’em to it and ask, “would you like to reduce my bill by three dollars to assist me in saving up for a delicious and refreshing assortment of craft beers?” Who knows? It could work. After all, people are donating good money to Donald Trump.

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