It’s “April in the D,” let’s sing

It was 2010. Fox Sports Detroit ran a contest to write and record an original song to celebrate “April in the D”..the time when the Pistons, Wings and Tigers seasons all intersected. My wife and I cobbled a tune. My colleagues Betty Newman and Holly Hyslop were brave enough to record the song and a quickie videoThe original recording and video were quickly produced and pretty rough in order for us to make the contest deadline and we didn’t win. It was just the 3 of us and my old Fender Stratocaster. But six years later I decided to edit, remix and add a new instrumental open with a new Fender Telecaster, a bass line and drums. Today the Tigers play their first Miami…but now it’s April and all three teams are in the game. Here we go…”April in the D 2016.”

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