Razor Burn

libraryThis is a photo of what I saw when I looked up from the book I was reading in the library today. That book was the latest silliness from Carl Hiaasen that opens with a woman who gets in a car accident because while she was driving she was shaving her, uh, girl area. razorgirlKnowing Hiassen I’m convinced the book will evolve into something even more, um, entertaining, but looking at what was in front of me I felt a bit ashamed. A careful look at the selections of books on CD, and instead of enjoying my guilty pleasure, I could have chosen to learn to speak Hindi, French or Turkish or hear a reading of the life and times of Coco Chanel or step by step instructions to debug my laptop or whittle a likeness of Grover Cleveland. All worthy choices, but I’ll stick with Hiassen’s “Razor Girl,” because, well, honestly, I think more than enough people already know how to speak Hindi. 

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