The Castro/Khrushchev Costume Party

fidelWhen we were kids in the 60’s we probably didn’t understand what a bad guy Fidel Castro was, although we knew he wasn’t our friend. Sometimes guys would dress up as him for Halloween, complete with military style ball cap, olive drab jacket, fake beard and bubblegum cigar.

nikitaThen again, kids would sometimes imitate Nikita Khrushchev’s tantrum at the U.N. by donning bald wigs and rapping their shoes on their desks to get attention. Even though we were subjected to air raid drills and were taught where to find the nearest fallout shelter in case the Commies came after us, we tended to believe we were invincible and guys like Castro and Khrushchev were simply faraway villains that made for scary talk and useful Halloween costumes. castroconvertibleWhen Castro Convertible sofa beds started advertising we were really screwed up, thinking the Cuban despot had found a way to make a buck via our guest or living rooms. They’re still selling Castro Convertibles, but now it’s their unintended namesake who’s taking the big sleep…finally.

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