Classifying the Human Race!


A decade ago I had one of those “eureka moments” when I realized we’ve been doing it all wrong–classifying people by their height, weight, color, hair. A truer way of defining human beings is really how much space they take up in this world based on their hygiene, manners and overall consideration, or lack thereof for fellow homo sapiens. It’s a concept I named “Volumism.” Someone who takes up more space than entitled to would be said to be “volumaic.”

I created a blog under the screen name “Chuck Roast” promoting Volumism and for a year or so, related absolutely true examples to help illustrate the concept. Looking back at those posts from a decade ago, I have to admit, they still crack me up. The old blog is still up, since nothing on the internet dies, so I invite you to check it out. I bet  you laugh a little, and as you travel, shop, dine out etc., I’m pretty sure you’ll relate…and see the light..enough to make the life-changing and space-making, decision not to be Volumaic.

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