My Labor Day Wish List

relaxinglabordayIn honor of Labor Day, I’d like to offer 10 ideas for making the workplace much more fun and rewarding:

1-Immediately fire anyone who attempts to cook fish in the office microwave oven

2-Start every meeting by announcing, “anyone who expects concrete actions to result from the next hour should step forward and tell the group where your misguided optimism comes from.” This not only exposes those in the group who are abusing drugs, but lets the leader know how truly ineffective he/she is.

3-Allow anyone sentenced to a cubicle to convert it into a Tupperware container, thereby keeping out human bacteria and mold. Plus, it’s always a morale booster to hear the cute little burp when you seal the top.

4-Rig the office copier so it can read and understand what documents are being duplicated. Not only would this expose who is using the copier for personal reasons, but it would be a hoot if it could announce the contents of the document to the rest of the office, such as, “Morty is renewing his prescription for Viagra! Sophia just registered for a vacation on a nude beach!”

laborday5-At least once a year the boss should be told what’s really going on in the office and offered early retirement.

6-Every time someone asks about ROI or KPI they are immediately rendered DOA.

7-Install an actual watercooler. Too much gossip is exchanged by email and text, thereby making overhearing some delicious scandalous nugget virtually impossible.

8-Just as a joke, on payday announce the entire office will be tithed 20 percent of their pay to support the cleaning staff’s ammonia habit.

9- Once a week it would be cool if the CEO walked around headquarters with a big smile asking workers, “do you believe this shit?”

10-Instead of annual raises, employees are invited to raid the supply cabinet for all the pens and Scotch tape they can fit in their backpacks. Oh, crap..they already do that.

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