“The Voice” of the People


The Voice - Season 4

THE VOICE — “Blind Auditions” Episode 403 — Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Usher, Shakira, Adam Levine — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The only episodes I like to watch of “The Voice” are the blind auditions. If you’ve never seen them, the premise is simple. The judges have their backs to the singer. If they like how he or she sounds, they turn their chair around, indicating they’d like that person on their team. This way the singer is judged, at that point in the competition, simply on ability. In subsequent rounds the competitors are visible and further judged on ability and style.

It got me thinking that this would be an excellent idea for choosing a president, or any office holder. Candidates should be hithertofore unknowns, kept under wraps through the first debate, which is not televised. All the electorate has to go on are the candidate’s responses. An instant online poll is held where voters, in effect, turn their chairs around for the candidates who seem the strongest. The surviving candidates…a maximum of 6…get to move on to the subsequent rounds which involve debate duets and getting advice from political mentors, none of which are Adam Levine or Pharrell, although Christina Aquilera makes sense to me in a very high C kinda way, or that guy on CNN, Smerkonish, because he’s a little intense and his name sounds like a pipe tobacco. Also eliminate Blake Shelton since he would be more interested in finding out from the female candidates if his stubble is the right density than advising them on running a successful race.christinathumbsdown

The final round would, of course be the election. As is the case on “The Voice,” competitors are members of a judge’s team. In this case, the political mentors, such as the conservative woman on CNN who won’t give her first name or Geraldo Rivera’s pedicurist act as the team leaders and advocate for members of their team. Political parties are passe’. C’mon..what’s the difference between a Democrat and Republican? Answer: A few ounces of lithium.

The national vote, accomplished by 1 800 numbers and the number of retweets of a candidate’s catchphrase and Facebook friends, is over and done, everyone hugs, and, like every winner so far of “The Voice,” the winner is never heard from again and there’s peace in the land. Could work.

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