A 24-year wait for the perfect pizza

I’ve been living in my neighborhood for 24 years and never once stopped in a little deli that sported a modest sign hawking pizza and wine. Been by the place thousands of times without stopping in but I decided today was the day to end the string. Looked up their number. Wasn’t easy. The place has no website but does have a Facebook page which is also where the menu is found. When I called to order a pizza and bread sticks the phone rang a few times and was answered by a woman with a light accent that I couldn’t quite identify. When I gave my order, she “ok, I’ll get it ready. Give me 25 minutes.” It sounded like a mom taking a request for a special dish from her kid. When I arrived an older gentleman greeted me warmly, smiled, and directed me to the pick up counter. The place was immaculate and modern with rows and rows of fine wines and a cigar humidor. The kind woman who took my order smiled when she saw me. Didn’t have to say my name. She just knew..and brought me my order. I paid the gentleman up front and told him, sheepishly, how long I’d passed his place without stopping in. He just replied, “it’s ok..you passed by for 24 years, I’ve been here for 28, so it’s not so bad.” Well…the food was awesome. Not some corporate franchise cardboard, but a tasty pie with perfect crust. The moral of the story, slow down, get to know your neighbors..and support them. They’ll appreciate it.

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