Busted by a birther

In a small way I relate to being on the wrong end of “birther” accusations. I was born in Woodbury, New Jersey, but my family moved back to its native New York City just 6 months later, meaning I had no recollection of my brief time as an infant in the Garden State. I’ve always considered myself a New Yorker, because that’s where I was brought up. Many years later when my wife and I moved to Arizona we registered to vote. When I was asked where I was born, I instinctively said “New York City.” At which my wife, helpfully cut in to correct me by blurting out, “No you weren’t! He was born in New Jersey!” Duly busted I could only grimace and nod to the clerk who gave me the most sympathetic look as she shook her head…and made the correction.

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