Books HD

Books HD

When someone retires thoughts generally run towards travel, relocation, spending more time with the grandkids, or tackling those long-deferred “projects.”

We don’t have any grandchildren so cross off that one from the list. We like where we live and I’ve seen enough airports for a long time so travel, except for short one or two-day car trips are on the back burner. I have begun to work on some projects I’ve put off, but the thing I’ve discovered to be the most satisfying after two months on the shelf, is grabbing a comfortable seat near a window with the sun shining through, and reading a book.

Oh, I’ve always been a reader but most of my reading would be at bedtime and within ten pages I’d conk out and the book would clunk me on the noggin’. What a treat to read during waking hours! Doesn’t matter what the book is. I’ve buzzed through everything from John Sandford and David Baldacci cop capers and international intrigue, to memoirs from John Fogarty and Toni Tennille to the guilty pleasure of a James Patterson page turner, a guide to paddling in Michigan and a battered copy of a Hemingway novel.

Doesn’t matter what form the book is in as long as it’s in English. I’ll read ’em on my Kindle or an actual book. The library is a five minute drive from our house and we’re there several times a week, so there’s no excuse to ever be without a book.

When I find myself with even a five minute window of opportunity, I rush to grab whatever I’m reading at the time and slam down a page or three, rather than waste the time online or watching TV. At any one time I might have two or three books stacked up on my night stand ready for consumption. The pile is never depleted. When I’m down to one, I’m off to the library.

I honestly didn’t see this coming when I thought about retiring, so this has been a pleasant surprise. So much so, if I can put down the book I’m currently reading…I might write one myself. But meanwhile, I don’t need to relocate or travel much. I can visit all sorts of places, and with a myriad of fascinating characters, right from my Lazy Boy.


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